Yvorne "Semper Fidelis"


  • The Vineyard

    • The Domaine de La Pierre Latine is made up of eight parcels distributed around the edge of the appellation of Yvorne and bounded by the foothills of the Vaud Alps. It is entirely west / southwest facing with steep slopes of up to 35-40%, which allows good natural land drainage.

    • Altitude

      410 to 600 meters

    • Position


    • Soil

      rich in alluvium, sediment, scree and gravel, on an alpine limestone bedrock

    • Cépage

      Gamay, average 20 years old. Pruning: taille longue (Guyot)

    • Cultivation

      minimal chemical intervention.

  • The Winery

    • The grapes are picked by hand at peak maturity and carefully sorted in the vineyard. After destemming, and pressing the grapes undergo a short, cold, maceration (a few days). Fermentation temperatures are controlled at 28-29°C and fermentation lasts an average of 3 to 4 weeks. The wine is aged in stainless steel tanks for around 6 months and then bottled after a light filtration.

    • Format

      Bottles (75cl)
      For larger sizes please contact the Domaine at the beginning of the year.

  • Tasting

    • Colour

      Bright, dense, ruby

    • Aromatics

      Ripe red fruits with an elegant note of sweet spice. Even when young, the wine has remarkable aromatic complexity.

    • Palate

      Up-front, lively, fresh fruit. Crisp and juicy, the underlying tannins are subtle and well-integrated.

  • Serving

    • Optimum serving temperature


    • Areation

      Ideally served in tulip glasses

    • Ageing potential

      5-8 years

    • Food and wine pairing

      A versatile wine which can accompany any meal (vegetables, soups, Mediterranean cuisine). In the exuberance of its youth, this is a wine for 'Springtime drinking', evolving over two to three years to go brilliantly with white meats.

"Le Rouge de Rouges"