Aigle Grand Cru
Clos du Crosex Grillé "Cuvée Excellentia"


  • The Vineyard

    • The Clos du Crosex Grillé is a 2.5-hectare plot in the commune of Aigle. Nestled in the foothills of the Vaud Alps, it has a complete west/southwest exposure, and sits on steep slopes of up to 35-40% which allows good natural drainage.

    • Superficie

      0.13 hectare

    • Altitude

      410 to 600 meters

    • Position


    • Soil

      deep, gravelly soil on a limestone layer of lias

    • Cépage

      Syrah, average age 30 years. Pruning: taille longue (on long vines along dry stone walls)

    • Cultivation

      minimal chemical intervention

  • The Winery

    • The grapes are picked by hand at peak maturity and then carefully sorted in the vineyard. After destemming, and crushing, the grapes undergo a short, cold, maceration of a few days. Fermentation temperatures are controlled at 28-29°C and fermentation lasts an average of 3 to 4 weeks. The wine is then aged in French oak (50% new) for approximately 12 months. After a light filtration, the wine is bottled.

    • Production

      1,000 bottles on average

    • Format

      Bottles (75cl), magnums (150cl)
      For larger sizes please contact the Domaine at the beginning of the year.

  • Tasting

    • Colour

      Crimson red with purple tinges

    • Aromatics

      Primary aromas of black fruits, blackberry and blueberry coulis, elderberry and currant, followed by hints of bell pepper and spice.

    • Palate

      The initial palate is supported by a firm structure, which opens quickly with a little air, to reveal the Syrah's classic balance and elegance.

  • Serving

    • Optimum serving temperature

      15-16 °C

    • Areation

      Open 10 minutes before tasting. Ideally served in Bordeaux glasses

    • Ageing potential

      10 years

    • Food and wine pairing

      Delicious with lean, red meat-based main courses or with steak tartare. Also, goes beautifully with green, leafy vegetables (spinach, black cabbage) as well as rustic country soups made from smoked meats and grains.

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