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  • The Vineyard

    • The Domaine de La Pierre Latine is made up of eight parcels distributed around the edge of the appellation of Yvorne and bounded by the foothills of the Vaud Alps. It is entirely west / southwest facing with steep slopes of up to 35-40%, which allows good natural land drainage.
      Le Petite Arvine is grown on a plot in Fully in the Bas-Valais by Henri Valloton, a friend and fellow winemaker, who shares the same winemaking philosophy and allows us to add small quantities of his grape to this special blend

    • Altitude

      410m to 600m

    • Position


    • Soil

      Yvorne - rich in alluvium, gravelly soil resting on a base of Alpine limestone
      Fully - terraced hillsides with loess (silt sized sediment) on a crystalline rock (gneiss and granite)

    • Cépage

      Riesling (taille longue, Guyot) and Petite Arvine (taille courte).

    • Cultivation

      minimal chemical intervention.

  • The Winery

    • The grapes are picked by hand, with a proportion of grapes affected by botrytis ((140°Oe). After destemming and pressing, fermentation and ageing take place in French oak barrels

    • Format

      37.5 cl

  • Tasting

    • Colour

      yellow gold

    • Aromatics

      Fresh candied citrus and a hint of hydrocarbon, typical of Riesling

    • Palate

      Soft, generous and sweet with good acidity. Ageing brings out some gentle tannins, which provide underlying grip, weight and structure to the wine. A warm and welcoming wine with the scent of honey, vanilla and some citrus at the finish.

  • Serving

    • Optimum serving temperature

      10 °C

    • Areation

      Ideally served in tulip glasses

    • Ageing potential

      10 years+

    • Food and wine pairing

      Pairs beautifully with citrus desserts, crème chantilly and fruit tarts

"Mythologie" Merlotissima